Match Cut Movie Club

We occasionally screen movies at theaters in Portland, OR. Show up to find out which movies we picked. Trust us.

We will ONLY contact you with showtimes for our upcoming screenings. We really have no other interest in your info.


Secret film screening

Wednesday, October 21 2015, 8-11 PM. Cocktail hour 7:00 PM.

Living Room Theaters (341 SW 10th Avenue, Portland)

A special, scary—but not TOO scary—program…


(If you're in the area, try walking up anyway, maybe?)


  • Very important: THERE IS LIMITED SEATING. If you want to guarantee yourself a seat, please donate using the button above and reserve your spot ahead of time!
  • Also: viewers under 21 won't be allowed at the event because of alcohol consumption on the premises. Cool for us adults, though.
  • See you there!