Match Cut Movie Club

We occasionally screen secret movies at theaters in Portland, OR. Show up to find out what movie we picked. Trust us.

We will ONLY contact you regarding our screenings. We really have no other interest in your info.

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Save your seat by donating. Just $20.

It's happening. We're taking on the Mt. Rushmore of movie enjoyment: AN ALL-DAY MOVIE MARATHON. 13 hours of film. April 14. Amazing.


  • 👶 10 AM–11 AM: Saturday Morning Cartoons
  • 👶 11 AM–1 PM: Kids' movie
  • 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 1 PM–3 PM: All-ages feature
  • 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 3 PM–5 PM: All-ages feature
  • 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 5 PM–7 PM: All-ages feature
  • 👬 7 PM–9 PM: Grownup film
  • 👬 9 PM–11 PM: Grownup film

We'll be showing lots of short features, cartoons, tiny documentaries, etc. between the features. No minute of marathon time will be wasted!

One $20 reservation gets you in for the whole day—pop in for one movie, or stay for the whole day. Kids are welcome from 11 until 7, and they'll be admitted for FREE.

THERE IS LIMITED SEATING. If you want to guarantee yourself a seat, please donate using the button above and reserve your spot ahead of time!

WHEN: 13-hour Movie Marathon. Saturday, April 14, 10 AM–11 PM.

WHERE: Screening Room at Hotel deLuxe, 729 SW 15th Ave, Portland, OR

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Thanks to everyone who came to our last Halloween show! We enjoyed our new venue, Hotel deLuxe's screening room. For our next screening, we're going to try something… a bit different. A slightly bigger idea, with broader appeal. If everything works out, we'll have an exciting announcement for you soon.

Our next screening is tentatively slated for late January of 2018.

Past Screenings